A Summertime Hustle Could Be A Lucrative Small Business

If you’ve been thinking about easing into entrepreneurship, but don’t know if you’re ready for long-term commitment, the summer season is the perfect time of year to dabble in a low-maintenance hustle that can be a mini crash course in brand building and earn you extra cash at the same time.

Go for something that is easy to get into in terms of effort and startup costs, and promises a seasonal need will be met. Make it something you enjoy doing, but more importantly, make sure it's something you’re so good at, you know you're worthy of getting paid for it.

Swimming Lessons

If you have access to a pool, you can offer swimming lessons to children or adults. For equipment, grab some arm floaties and noodles for the kids and you’re all set. Even if you fancy yourself an expert swimmer, you’ll want to take a lifeguarding and CPR course for this one.

Mowing/Lawn Care

Who doesn’t want their lawn nicely manicured during the summer? If you have a light green thumb, a lawn care business is a good look. To get started, you’ll need adequate transportation; a lawn mower (these can be borrowed or rented if you don’t have your own); clean-up tools; and safety equipment such as masks, eye protection, and garden gloves. Depending on how deep your green thumb game gets, you can add additional services like hedge trimming, planting bulbs, and pulling weeds.

Of course you can advertise your business on social media, but you’ll do better reaching out to family and friends for word-of-mouth buzz and hanging flyers around the neighborhoods you’d want to service. Check on the elderly in your community. They will be your ideal target client.

Cleaning and Organizing

Most of us spent 2020 on lockdown and in that time, accumulated more crap than we know what to do with. If you’ve been dying to flex your inner Marie Kondo, start a personal organizing business and help others get their spaces and lives in order. This venture requires very little start-up funds, but you do have to have real skill when it comes to decluttering and reorganizing. Being obsessed with The Container Store won’t cut it here.


Tutoring businesses are hot right now with summer being the perfect time to help students get up to speed on a subject. Many students are playing catch-up from the pandemic school year, so if you have expertise in key subjects and a teaching spirit, being a summer tutor is good money.

Decide which subjects you’ll cover, and whether you’ll do virtual or in-person sessions. Set a schedule and hourly rate for your services. Lean on the parents in your friend circle for free promo and advertise on socials like Facebook, where all the moms and dads are gathered.

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