Creating A Brand's Visual Identity

Creating a brand's visual identity is my favorite stage of brand development. It's where I take a client's brand objectives and brand story and finesse them into professional, cohesive brand visuals.

When it comes to a brand's visual identity, the goal is to effectively communicate how your audience/clients should feel about who you are as a brand and what you do. Start with keywords that define the brand. These words are used as visual cues to drive the typography, colors, and other visual elements needed to deliver the brand's message.

Once colors and typography are chosen, it's time for a logo and brand marker that represents the vibe. The brand visuals are then organized on a digital mood board and sent to the client for comments or approval.

Before you begin building your brand's visual identity, you should know:

  1. your brand story and brand voice

  2. how you want your clients/audience to feel about your brand

  3. what visual elements will best represent your brand message



Inspiration is everywhere and thanks to the apps on these fancy phones we all have, you can capture anything that inspires you—any time, any place.

Pantone has an app called PANTONE Studio that allows users to capture colors from everyday life and create palettes for use in digital projects. All palettes can be easily shared across social platforms for the convenience of it all. If you're a low-key design geek, you'll have fun with this one.


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