Managing Life as a Solopreneur

Anyone who's taken that entrepreneurial plunge knows it's one of the hardest undertakings a person could choose. When you're doing it alone, stress can hit extremely high levels. But if you thrive in non-traditional work environments or prefer your unique work hours to the traditional 9-to-5-ish schedule, then the flexibility of being a solopreneur may be just the torture you need.

Outdoor office hours before the pandemic

There is a special kind of freedom that comes with solopreneur life. Not having to answer to anyone but myself and not having to adhere to traditional business practices was all the enticement I needed to be forever tethered to entrepreneur life. The longer I worked in traditional work settings, the more important those two factors became. All the ease and security of a traditional job could never outweigh the need to carve my own path based on the successful execution of my ideas; not the stress I've put into a random CEO's vision. If that means going at it alone, then so be it.

If you're planning entrepreneur moves this year, and don't know if you can handle it alone, don't be shook. First, decide whether your entrepreneurial dreams are rooted in purpose rather than passion. Passion is fleeting. With purpose at the center of what you're doing, you will be better equipped to ride out the inevitable headaches that come with running your own show.

Life as a solopreneur can get reclusive. Maintain connections with your peers by creating and joining forums, chats, and other communities where you can engage and exchange valuable information that will help you grow your brand. Remember, there may not be anyone around to help you celebrate your wins. Make sure you have a few friends and family to invite to a celebratory Zoom when you've reached milestones or accomplished new goals. Hopefully, these are the same folks you can rely on when you need advice or space to vent.

Use a budget to keep your financial stress at a manageable level. Cash flow will be inconsistent, even if you are still working your day job. Prioritize the hell out of your spending and have some funds tucked away for emergencies.

Growing a business by yourself takes more time than growing one with a team, so mentally prepare for long days and nights. If things aren't moving satisfactorily, run that old adage about Rome not being built in a day, stay your course, and remember you can clock out any time you choose.

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