Your Website [Still] Matters

With social media influencers all but hi-jacking the world of branding, it's easy to believe that pouring all of your energy into a sexy Instagram page is enough to get you through. Nope. If you want your brand to be taken seriously, you still need a website that hits.

This past summer, we saw the world consumed by the idea of supporting all things Black, particularly Black-owned brands and businesses. The upside to this new spotlight is all the businesses it led me to that I'd never heard of before. In a matter of a summer, I was put on to Black-owned everything from home decorating pieces to cleaning products. But the one thing that was consistently heart-wrenching throughout my discovery was how many Black-owned business have shady websites.

Your website is your most important brand development tool. Having a shitty website is akin to selling amazing dinner platters prepared in a dirty kitchen. It's giving yuck. Your website is home to valuable content. It not only communicates your brand story, it can generate potential new clients. The UR website is always a work in progress for me. Every quarter, I give it a look to see how things are looking and where things can be improved. The site also grows as business grows, so periodic upgrades are a must.

If Black-owned businesses are to compete, brand aesthetics must be made priority. It shows people you care about what your site is promoting and that you respect your audience enough to give them something of quality to browse and interact with. Even if your social media following explodes, it's still wise to bring your brand identity full circle with a solid website. God is in the brand details, beloveds.

Web design tips for an outstanding website

  1. Keep your homepage minimalistic and free of clutter

  2. Design with visual hierarchy in mind

  3. Create easy to read website content

  4. Ensure your site is easy to navigate

  5. Stay mobile friendly


Don't have time to build a website yourself? Send a message of inquiry to to learn how UR can help you.

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